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🦊 Finish It

#106 — The heavy cost of holding back your work

Apr 03, 2023Read More

🦊 Peeling the Onion

#75 — Discovering ourselves through writing, one layer at a time.

Apr 13, 2022Read More

🦊 Low Stakes, Strong Takes

#74 — Reduce visibility to elevate vulnerability

Mar 15, 2022Read More

🦊 Buy my book!

I’ve waited three years to write these words: My debut book, Wandering Spirits, is out now! Go get it, friends: The book is available worldwide through Amazon in paperback and ebook editions (stay tuned for more info on the audiobook release.) If you’re planning to buy the book, it would really help for you to buy it today

Jan 23, 2024Read More

🦊 Reviving my childhood artist

#102 — My love-hate-love relationship with drawing

Jan 31, 2023Read More

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