Embed your newsletter archive on any website

Show what your subscribers will recieve without letting them navigate away from your website.

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Choose the number of issues to show from your latest or top newsletter issues.

As easy as copy-paste

Just paste 2 lines of HTML to get it working.

Give us your newsletter URL and set few preferences, we give you HTML that just works.

Always upto-date

Refreshes the content as soon as you publish a new issue. Never stale.

Works with website builders

Supports a wide range of website builders like super.so, Carrd, MDX.one, Potion, etc. Embed the content and you will be off to races.


Add custom CSS to make it look like a perfect fit for your website or blog.

Preview of a site using Stackblocks

Preview content from https://personal-site.super.so/

Substack content from https://on.substack.com/archive

Don't just ask emails

Let people preview of your content so they fall in love, instantly. 😍

Pricing 💸

One way to pay, everything included.

$6/month/newsletterstrike through

🚧 FREE while in active development

  • Embed upto 20 issues
  • Choose whether to show images, author name, and published date
  • Embed your archive on any site builder
  • Basic styling like background and text colors
  • Choose between Recent and Top issues*
  • Custom stying, letting you add CSS code to perfectly match your site
  • Remove Stackblocks branding
  • Upto date, always!

* Only for Substack

Embed your archive
No credit card required.

Start using the alpha version 🐣

We currently support Substack. Support for other services like Revue is the works. You can follow Aravind on Twitter to get updates.

Watch a demo video (~4min).