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“Stackblocks provided an extremely simple and hassle-free method to integrate my substack newsletter on my website. It lets you customize how you want it to appear on your website and is as simple as copy and pasting. It has definitely made my life much easier and I would recommend it to others as well.”

Prabal Gupta avatar

Prabal Gupta

Podcast Host, The Capital Analyst · MBA, IIM Calcutta '22

“You'd think embedding a feed of your substack content into a website would be simple, but it wasn't for me–that is, until I discovered Stackblocks. Stackblocks is excellent, simple to use, and delivers exactly what you want it to.”

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Cosmo Wallace

Director · Writer

“Stackblocks helped me embed my content from Substack and easily apply styling without having to mess around with anything custom. Their support team also responded very quickly to my questions and provided multiple solutions that in the end helped me get my website up and running.”

Kyle Nelson

Tech Writer

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