How to embed Podcast episode list in page

In this guide, we cover how you can embed Podcast episode list in a page.


  1. Create an account with Stackblocks

    Sign up with your email to get a magic login link. Click that link in the email and you are logged in to the app.

    screenshot of get started page
  2. Setup and Customise

    Setup your podcast by giving us the Podcast's RSS Feed.

    Click on the Add button to finish.

    screenshot of add newsletter modal

    You can customise how the embed would look with the options on the left.

  3. Get Embed Code

    Click on the Embed Code button which is at the bottom left of the dashboard, and click on Notion tab.

    Copy the code (Link) you see there.

    embed dialog
  4. Paste it in Notion Page

    Paste the link in Notion page and click on Create embed from the menu that pops up.



    Type / to get the commands menu and look for Embed in it. Paste the link you've copied here.

  5. Done 🎉

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