How to embed Substack archive in website built with Ghost

In this guide, we will show you how you can embed you past Substack issues on your site powered by Ghost.

1. Create an account with Stackblocks

Sign up with your email to get a magic login link. Click that link in the email and you are logged in to the app.
notion image

2. Setup and Customise

Setup your newsletter by giving us the Substack newsletter URL.
Click on the Add button to finish.
notion image
You can customise how the embed would look with the options on the left.
notion image

3. Get embed code

Click on the Embed Code button on the bottom left and go to the Ghost tab.
Copy the code you see there.
notion image
In Ghost editor, make a HTML block and paste the code you have copied. (Ghost docs)

4. Done 🎉

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to embed past Substack issues on a website built with Ghost, using the Stackblocks app. It covers creating an account, setting up and customizing the embed, and getting the embed code. Additionally, it provides a link to a guide on how to embed Substack archive in a Notion page.


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