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#100: We Need 100x More Creators Online

😷 Making sense of life, work & what matters

Jul 11, 2020Read More

Network Legibility & Status | #125

January 23rd, 2021: Greetings from Taipei. We are in day two of a mandatory house arrest / quarantine but in 12 days we will be able to emerge into a nearly covid-free country. We are planning on staying here indefinitely until we get a better sense of the vaccine and travel situation.

Jan 23, 2021Read More

The Case For Sabbaticals | #144

Why everyone should take a break before they retire

Jun 12, 2021Read More

Finished the book! ... and ten reflections on the process | #166

Book is live!

Jan 15, 2022Read More

How To (Not) Plan A Career | #149

🤔 Guest Issue By Pam Hobart

Jul 24, 2021Read More

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