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The Great Creator Arbitrage Opportunity | #200 🥳

October 17th, 2022: Greetings from Austin. I’m pumped to be sharing this with you. It’s about 5,000 words and took me longer than I expected to write, but I think you’ll like it. Please share if you think it would help others too. The Great Digital Creator Arbitrage Opportunity

Oct 17, 2022Read More

Believe In Others | #193

In praise of Tyler Cowen

Aug 20, 2022Read More

My 12 Hour Walk | #203

November 5th, 2022: Greetings from Austin! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. #1 Taking A 12-Hour Walk Last Friday I woke up and packed a bag with extra socks, an umbrella, and an extra shirt. It looked like it was about to downpour but I decided to go anyway. I opened my door, opened the app, and hit “start walk.”

Nov 05, 2022Read More

Write, Most Days | #195

A reflection on what comes next

Sep 03, 2022Read More

#100: We Need 100x More Creators Online

😷 Making sense of life, work & what matters

Jul 11, 2020Read More

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