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The Great Creator Arbitrage Opportunity | #200 🥳

October 17th, 2022: Greetings from Austin. I’m pumped to be sharing this with you. It’s about 5,000 words and took me longer than I expected to write, but I think you’ll like it. Please share if you think it would help others too. The Great Digital Creator Arbitrage Opportunity

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Believe In Others | #193

In praise of Tyler Cowen

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Should You Put Your Kids on the Elite Education Path? | #215

February 18th, 2023: Greetings from Austin. I’m winding down some of my work this week and starting to shift into preparing for baby mode. Two or so weeks to go…I’m quite excited. +I’m hosting a live Q&A accessible to paid subscribers in Find The Others on Tuesday. You can

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Be Someone People Can Root For | #212

January 28th, 2023: Greetings from Austin and welcome to the many new subscribers that found me from the Tim Ferriss shoutout this week. #1 The Great Contemplation This week I published a piece on Every talking about a broader shift I’ve been seeing in how people are relating to their work. I think many people are underestimating both how much things have changed in the past three years and also how much things will likely continue to change.

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The Inner Game of Life | # 214

February 11th, 2023: Greetings from Austin. We had a mini getaway this week in Hill Country before the baby and I was able to finish a few books and shift into non-doing mode. It was glorious. Here’s our cabin (I could happily live in this).Boundless by Paul Millerd is a free publication that sends a newsletter most Saturdays. If you’d like to gain access to the community, you can consider becoming a paid subscriber.

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