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People Won't Work! | #225

The collective panic when people don't work enough

Jun 03, 2023Read More

Time To Reintroduce Myself, I'm Paul | #239

September 29th, 2023: Greetings from Taipei! I’ve been reflecting a bit on what I’m trying to do with my writing and realized it might be a good time to reintroduce myself and share a bit about how I think about my writing here and what comes next. 👋 Hey Again, I’m Paul

Sep 09, 2023Read More

How To Play the Creator Game | #240

September 16th, 2023: Greetings From Taiwan. I wrote this while exploring the beautiful east coast of Taiwan. Here’s a picture from one of my favorite spots north of Taipei: Jiufen - supposedly an inspiration for the movie Spirited Away + This issue is sponsored by Write of Passage. If you’d like to join their upcoming cohort, I highly recommend it. You can “test drive” the course during their

Sep 16, 2023Read More

Die With Zero: The Case for Not Leaving an Inheritance | #230

July 8th, 2023: Greetings from Connecticut! It’s been nice to enjoy the milder weather in the northeast for a couple of weeks. We are headed back to Austin this week and putting our stuff in storage to head abroad again for a few months, mostly in Taiwan.

Jul 08, 2023Read More

The Way of Mediocre Man | #228

June 24th, 2023: Greetings from Austin! I am re-posting an essay I shared on my blog this week (do people still read websites?!). A lot of people seemed to like this one so I wanted to share it here. #1 The Way of Mediocre Man Mediocre man flows through life. It is his birthright. He is not great man aiming at great results but merely trying to do enough of the right things over a long period of time such that it might lead somewhere interesting.

Jun 24, 2023Read More

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