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People Won't Work! | #225

The collective panic when people don't work enough

Jun 03, 2023Read More

How I Write: 18 Thoughts On Writing | #253

January 13th, 2024: Greetings from Austin. I wrote a ton this week which feels really good. This includes a reflection on writing which was fun to think through. The piece is a bit long, about 4500 words. If you want to read on my site instead you can find it here

Jan 13, 2024Read More

2023 Reflections: New Additions, New Heights & Open Questions | #252

2023 was the year I became a dad and for the first time, pressure—tested this life that Angie and I have been building over the last several years. In terms of enabling me to be present and enjoy the beginning of the “magic years” of my daughter, it was a complete and unambiguous success. Financially, it was also my best year I’ve had, mostly due to my book selling almost four times as many copies as last year. But in terms of how I think about my path and where work fits into my life going forward I feel more uncertain than ever.

Jan 06, 2024Read More

The "Coffee Badging" Resistance | #254

January 20th, 2024: Greetings from Austin and welcome to the hundreds of new followers via my free digital book giveaway. You can read more about why I did that below. If you’re new here, I write on a wide range of topics including unconventional paths, our relationship to work, and organizations and remote work. Today is a reflection on the “return to office” campaigns that companies don’t seem willing to give up on

Jan 20, 2024Read More

How To Play the Creator Game | #240

September 16th, 2023: Greetings From Taiwan. I wrote this while exploring the beautiful east coast of Taiwan. Here’s a picture from one of my favorite spots north of Taipei: Jiufen - supposedly an inspiration for the movie Spirited Away + This issue is sponsored by Write of Passage. If you’d like to join their upcoming cohort, I highly recommend it. You can “test drive” the course during their

Sep 16, 2023Read More

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