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[SB 190] The alcohol merry-go-round, Take on Me, and a correction

Hi, I’m Matt. Welcome to Steady Beats: a newsletter about building the middle-aged body and life you want in small and Steady Beats. Happy Easter. At Write of Passage, we’re one week out from the cohort launch (still time to join us if you’re interested). We’re ready to welcome hundreds of fired-up and ready-to-write students for a five-week experience that changes lives.

Apr 10, 2023Read More

[MT.180] The Last Mix Tape

Welcome to Matt’s Mix Tape: A steady beats approach to midlife fitness, writing, and mindset. Welcome to the final Mix Tape. This is it. Am I being overdramatic for cheap attention? Absolutely! The newsletter will continue, but under a new name. I’m also in the process of moving my personal

Jan 29, 2023Read More

[MT.176] The best of 2022, according to you

I’ve stayed up two of the last eight nights driving from Florida to Michigan and then back again with my wife, two kids, two dogs, and enough cargo to pack a 747. Ask me anything … Anyway, few years are truly all good or bad, though we try to label them as such.

Dec 31, 2022Read More

[SB 197] Dubious health claims, Taylor's triumph, summer grilling

Hi, I’m Matt. Welcome to Steady Beats, a newsletter about chasing the good life at midlife: exercise, education, and eighties music. It’s Memorial Day Weekend in the US, the unofficial start of summer. Seeing as it’s a holiday—and I’m recharging after an intense two months in Write of Passage Cohort 10—let’s go with some lighter fare today.

May 30, 2023Read More

[MT.178] Do you have your word for 2023?

Welcome to Matt’s Mix Tape: A steady beats approach to midlife fitness, writing, and mindset. Do you have a word for … you? We like to have words for other people. “I’d like a word with you!” But having a word for ourselves, one we carry through the year, can help guide us in a way all those New Year’s resolution lists cannot.

Jan 16, 2023Read More

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